About us

“Inspiring Culinary Diversity”

We bring a cartful of exquisite Pan-Asian flavorful food ingredients to cook Asian meals that relinquish your taste buds and other great things for your culturally diversified lifestyle.


The idea behind Asian Food Cart is to inspire the inclusion of a vast selection of aromatic Eastern flavors in the food spread of our western customers and celebrate the spirit of the World Community.


Our values include selling only unadulterated and healthy products, give fair wages to our workers, and give back to the community by lowering our carbon footprint and being sustainable.


To be always the desired place for you to get flavorsome authentic Asian ingredients, foods, and beverages, to cook and enjoy Asian cuisines, at home with family and friends. And also for the ethnic Asian goods to satisfy your cultural needs in Canada.

What exactly we do:

Our carefully selected products from high-quality brands will make it easy for you to cook and enjoy many Asian dishes that you so much love from the comfort of your home. You can be a westerner who has ancestral roots in the East and is a great patron of your family’s traditional delicacies and ethnic goods. Or, a lover of Asian Food who would like to cook these meals at home, to spice up your life. You will find all the important as well as the smallest ingredients that you need to make your Pan-Asian cuisines simply awesome.

We at the heart of Asian Food Cart strive to bring you a delicious and culturally rich lifestyle by providing you with high-quality Eastern food ingredients to make your everyday meals more vibrant and flavorsome. From spices, herbs, snacks, oils to ready-to-eat meals; the range of our products is wide. We will always provide the product information in detail so that you’re able to make the right choice for yourself. Our experienced team selects good quality food products from Asian producers to give you the most authentic Asian food and culture experience outside of Asia.

Why we sell Cookware too?

With our expertise and experience with Asian cooking, we are aware that some of the products we sell can get a little messy while cooking, which is why we also sell cooking wares, utensils, and appliances that are easy to use and are appropriate for certain food products.

How do we feel about Customer Service?

You, as our precious customers are the center of our universe and we feel happy in adding new products and services to meet your ever-growing demands and expectations. We truly care about what matters to you. So, you can reach us anytime via a call or an email, with your queries and dissatisfaction regarding our products and services, and we promise to address them as soon as possible. We are committed to providing a range of products for you and your family that serve enjoyment, delicious tastes, and nutritious smiles. We prioritize to serve you so well that you always stay with us as happy customers.

Quality and Safety:

We make sure the brands we are selling are certified and suitable for the Canadian market. We ensure that our food products meet your highest quality standards along with the required Canadian approvals. Further, we also respect all provincial requirements in respective regions.

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